LAKE LOUISE - Acrylic.

large canvas £90

Landscapes are my most frequent art works. All the sizes are different and on either canvas or framed. Please contact me to find out any info of any of these artworks shown

Magical Waylands Smithy, large (126 x 101cm) Oil on Canvas £450
Lake Louise, Large acrylic on canvas SOLD

TORRENT - Oil, Large canvas SOLD

Badbury Bluebells - 45.5cm x 33cms watercolour Mounted £50

TOWN BLOSSOMS - Pastel, 89.5cm x 69.5cm (framed) SOLD

Journey Onwards - Oil and Collage 1260 x 1010 cm (large) SOLD

STANTON MANOR - Acrylic on Canvas, Framed £150 

Walk through Snowdrops  (Lawn Woods) - Pastel (framed)  SOLD

Crocus at the Lawn- £70 SOLD

Coate Water at Dusk - Pastel (framed) SOLD

Sunburst - mixed media (SOLD)

Field of Dreams, acrylic and oil 700 x 480mm  SOLD

Autumn Path (old town gardens) 590mmx485mm framed and mounted £150

Winter Waylands - mixed media 1250 x 1010mm framed and mounted £150 

Frozen Landscape - Acrylic framed in chalk grey frame £50

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